Detailed Cleaning.

Detailed Cleaning is a procedure through which the car is completely cleaned inside and out. Part of the basic cleaning process is
steam cleaning and the use of a variety of new microfibers with a high polyester composition. Cleaning the car with steam means
treating it with superior preparations and care. Basic cleaning, in addition to external steam cleaning, also includes spray waxing,
which restores or adds shine to the car for more than 10 days. In addition, you will continue to deodorize and clean the air inside
the vehicle with thermal ozonation, removing all unpleasant odors, bacteria, micro-organisms and other pathogens.


External and Internal

01. Exterior vehicle steam Cleaning, 02. Fuel cap cleaning, 03. Cleaning and extermination of insects, 04. Windows cleaning, 05. Wheel/tire cleaning and shine, 06. Shine and Color Protection with spray wax, 07. Sweeping of carpets/floors, seats and luggage, 08. Steam disinfectation of upholstery, mask and seats, 09. Cleaning of all windows, 10. Upholstery and mask protection - Plastic Care, 11. Removal of unpleasant odors and disinfection with Ozone 15-20min.


Vehicle polishing is a procedure involving different polishes andpreparations, in order to protect or remove from the vehicle differentscratches, atmospheric dirt or other damages.


Coating is a solution you totally need for your vehicle. Car coating is that protective layer that protects your paint, makes car looks better and resistant regarding different external and internal factors.


Carnauba WAX: It is applied to specific parts of the exterior and thus nourishes the surface to be more resistant to dirt, mud, UV rays, salt and other external factors.

Paint Protection Film

This is the investment you should make for your car and your future! PPF (Paint Protection Film) is a thin layer, transparent film, that is placed on the body panels of the vehicle to protect it from scratches, atmospheric factors and other external factors that can damage it.

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